Why I created this course

I'm the parent of two incredible transgender kids. When my first child came out to me as nonbinary several years ago, I felt really alone at first. I felt fear and doubt and even some grief.

I loved my kid and wanted to be supportive but didn’t quite know how.

Over the years, I learned that one of the most important things I could do was focus on the “feelings” part – the heart part - of parenting my transgender kids so they feel safe, loved, and supported at home.

I want to share what I’ve learned not only from my own experience but also from my large network of other parents of trans kids, experts, and transgender adults.

That’s why I created this course: because it’s critical for you to parent your transgender kids with confidence and celebration, so you can create a safe and affirming home for them.

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What you'll learn

  • Basic gender diversity concepts and terms

  • How to navigate those complicated feelings

  • Practical tips and tools to support your child

How is the course structured?

This is a pre-recorded course, so you can go at your own pace. The course is divided into chapters, and each chapter is divided into short lessons, most of which have optional additional exercises and resources. It’ll take a little over an hour to complete, not counting the optional material. Feel free to take a break if you need to and jump right back in where you left off.

Who is this course for?

This course is for parents of transgender and gender diverse kids who love and affirm their kids and want to learn the basics of supporting them.

It’s designed for parents who are at the beginning of their journey, but it can also be helpful for all parents of trans kids.


"This course will without a doubt save lives"

J. T., Texas

This course will without a doubt save lives and is right on time to educate guardians to protect our amazing transgender youth. The world would be a safer place if more people took the time to educate themselves about trans joy! This peer course is the firm and reassuring voice of support that our trans youth and their families need.

"Pretty much every thought and feeling I’ve been experiencing"

J. T., Maryland

This course has really helped me better understand my child’s journey and what they may be going through. It definitely covered pretty much every thought and feeling I’ve been experiencing. I definitely recommend this course to any parent beginning this journey with their child.

"Mandy gives such encouragement and hope"

D. I., Ohio

This course truly gave me insight as to how I can best support and love my child during their transition. It can be a scary, emotional and sometimes difficult time for both your child and you when they come out and Mandy gives such encouragement and hope. This course was informative and gave me some great resources to continue to learn.

"Warm. welcoming, and thoughtful"

D. H., Texas

As the parent of a transgender person, Mandy's course helped me make peace with my journey. She gave sound advice with a focus on affirmation. Her delivery is warm, welcoming, and thoughtful. Great course for all parents.

"Patience, warmth, and understanding"

K. H., Pennsylvania

This course is a wonderful, non-judgmental introduction to what it means to support your transgender child. Mandy covers the most important takeaways parents need to know with patience, warmth, and understanding, while always centering the well-being of transgender kids and community members.

"Easy to comprehend and put into practice"

M. T., New Jersey

This course will cover the basics to help you understand the world and live as a better human. The information is easy to comprehend and put into practice.

"Strong foundation of knowledge"

K. G., Texas

Mandy Giles offers a strong foundation of knowledge for parents so that they can confidently support their transgender children. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to understand and support their child.

"Mandy makes you feel comfortable"

R. C., California

This course covers the basics from language to supports. Mandy makes you feel comfortable in these first steps to become a more confident parent to your child. It helps you on your journey to learn that it’s not about you - it’s about love.

How can you sign up?

The cost to enroll is $45. If you think this sounds like a fit for you, click the "Enroll now" button below! I have learned so much and found joy and celebration in my parenting journey, and I want to share that with you.


Mandy Giles

Mandy Giles (she/her) is the parent of two transgender young adults and is a fierce advocate for transgender and gender diverse youth.

Leveraging more than two decades of serving children through educational nonprofits, Mandy founded Parents of Trans Youth to provide learning, support, and community to parents and caregivers of transgender/gender non-conforming kids.

Parents from all over the country are referred to Mandy on a regular basis for conversations about their trans kids and how to support them. Through Parents of Trans Youth, Mandy provides individual direct support for parents and caregivers; she also speaks to parent organizations to provide basic gender education and practical advice on how to support transgender kids at home and out in the world.

Mandy earned her bachelor's degree from Duke University, majoring in public policy and psychology and minoring in women’s studies, and calls Houston, Texas home.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Before you get started ...

    1. Affirmation and mental health

    2. Gender vocabulary - Introduction

    3. Gender vocabulary - Presentation

    4. Gender vocabulary - Resources

    5. Learning check

    1. Why it's important

    2. Breathe

    3. Believe your kid

    4. It's not about you

    5. Grieve your expectations

    6. Learning check

    1. Finding the words

    2. Names and pronouns

    3. Language lesson

    4. Disclosure

    5. Learning check

    1. What's next?

    2. Keep learning

    3. Creating an inclusive home

    4. Find a community

    5. Speak up and speak out

    6. Wrap up

    7. Post-course survey

About this course

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  • 25 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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